Your Favorite Poet

Published by Malarkey Books in July 2022

Available for purchase at Amazon,, Powell’s, and Malarkey Books

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Paperback edition, Cover by Angelo Maneage

The poems in this collection are about being alive and wanting to stay alive. They are poems teetering off a cliff. Poems created by the first and last feeling worth feeling. Poems about guns and sex and what follows both: daughters and husbands ducking from bullets. Leigh Chadwick weeps a collection that is both monstrous and intimate, terrifying and beautiful. With an eye for making the mundane extraordinary, Chadwick uses wit and charm to remind us that everything is bad, but we still have poetry. In this nightmare world, Your Favorite Poet is a dream.

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From Your Favorite Poet, originally published in CLOVES Literary


Dating Pete Davidson

Published by above/ground press in August 2022

Available for purchase at above/ground press.

cover by rob mclennan

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This Is How We Learn to Pray, a poetry coloring book

Published by ELJ Editions, Ltd. in October 2021

Available for purchase at ELJ Editions, Ltd.

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cover by Stephanie Kirsten

Eighteen poems complimented by eighteen illustrations derived from the rawness within those poems emboss themselves onto a paper canvas meant for the reader to crawl into and color their emotional reaction to the work on the pages provided. This work is not just a chapbook, it is art inspired by art. It is paper bound, paper perforated, coloring pencils bleeding for the ultimate reading experience.

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Daughters of the State

Published by Bottlecap Press in July 2021

Available for purchase at Bottlecap Press

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Girls without mothers. Girls without fathers. Girls with too many uncles. Girls dressed as razor blades. Girls curled ghost, thinner than pen caps. Girls inspired by actual events. Girls built from meth and rotten apple cores. Daughters of the State is the story of what happens to those lost in a fractured system of hopeless survival, where the saddest parts of anything are often the truest.

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