Select Poems Online

Featured in Pithead Chapel

“I Want to Tell Your Bacteria to Stop It with the Conjunctions”

“Your Favorite Poet,”

Featured in Identity Theory


“Frankie Cosmos Is a Good Band Name” & “Volcano Poem

Featured in CLOVES Literary

“If I Don’t Die First, I Will Know She’s Dead and Then What Is There Left to Do but Also Be Dead”

“If the Truth Is Out There, I Quit”

Featured in Rejection Letters

“I Am the Lead Singer of the Band”


“Department of Children Services”

From Greatest Hits Vol. 3

Featured in $-Poetry Is Currency

“Dinosaur Poem Written in June,”

“Inspired by Actual Events”

Featured in Emerge Literary Journal

“Chocolate Chip Pancakes”

“Author Writes About Herself in the Third Person or: The Poem of Tiny Clouds”

Featured in Schuylkill Valley Journal Online

Bullets Not Included”

“How to Feel”

“Greg Abbott Can Go Fuck Himself”

Featured in ONE ART

“Deer Poem”

“It Takes a Calculator to Count the Dead”

Featured in W&S Quarterly

“Chris Paul Calls Jake from State Farm but He Doesn’t Answer”

Two Basketball Poems

“Steve Blast Goes to Louisville” (co-written with Mitchell Nobis)

“That One Week in Cedar Rapids, Iowa,” Scrawl Place

“Every Year Is a Year,” No Contact

“From Pretend I Am Real,” HAD

“Pudding Poem,” Twin Pies Literary

“The Autobiography of Leigh Chadwick, Pt. 5,” The Indianapolis Review

Featured at Malarkey Books

“Jesus Auditions to Play Jesus”

“Halloween Poem Written in August”

Two Erasures

Select Poems Written in Collaboration with Adrienne Marie Barrios

“The Gravity of Sadness,” No Contact

“Maybe This Is Something After All,” Five South

“A Ghost Dressed in Memory Foam” & “Down the Road, to the Left,” Passages North

“Sometimes, I Think I Can See Right Through Myself” & “What If We Have a Poem Called ‘Love Song’ and It Just Goes,” trampset

“Daughter,” Bending Genres